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my Jaye experience

Hey, I see this community has got a lot of dust. Seems like nobody looks in here anymore which is a shame, really.

I "stumbled" across Jaye via Stargate in appr. 1996. Already there he got my attention.

But it was with "The Crying Game" a short time later that I really fell for him. He is so ravishing, enigmatic, gorgeous, enchanting and what not.

I must add that back at the time I was very young and had no clue what sexual preference means and even less which one I was.

Today I know. And I am still smitten with him. I couldn't care less if he was male or female.

A couple of days for the first time in 15 years, I saw Stargate again. And yesterday "The Crying Game".
Yes, this man still leaves me breathless.

And this coming from someone who is into girls :)
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