Dai Dai (serene_despair) wrote in jayeaddicts,
Dai Dai

I found Jaye in a very interesting place...

This is xx_izam_xx (changed my name), something interesting happened last night =B. I was looking threw my dad's old playboys (don't ask!) and I was in the 1993 era and I come across a picture of Jaye. Now what would he be doing in a strait man's magazine, surrounded by all these plastic bitches! Well it was actually talking about all the crossdressers that year and he was mentioned from "The Crying Game". I just wanted to share what PB had to say cuz I thought the whole thing was a fucking riot! XD

"and in one of the most controversial perfomances of the year, Jaye Davidson, as a transvestite singer in "The Crying Game", had millions of moviegoers gasping when "she" revealed a full set of male genitalia"

Alright I'm done, sorry if I bugged anyone! x.x
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